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Booking Protect : How do I enable it?

Booking Protect is refund protection. It entitles your guests to apply for a refund in certain, predefined circumstances. It’s not an insurance product: you don't need to be an independent financial advisor or have special qualifications to offer it to your guests.

Benefits to you

  • All admin is handled by Booking Protect so, in the event of a refund, the guest doesn’t need to contact you.
  • Overcome the awkwardness of refund requests due to cancellation.
  • You receive 30% commission on each sale.

Benefits to guests

  • Simple sales process.
  • Comprehensive refund protection of up to £1,500 per person.
  • The entire booking value is covered (inclusive of all options and extras).
Setting up the integration

1. Go to Integrations > Protection Products > Booking Protect > Settings for details on how to set up the integration. You may need to contact Support to ask them to enable the application form in your account.

2. You can then either fill out the form on this page and click “Send form” to register your interest, or call Booking Protect on 0113 831 3508.

3. Booking Protect will email you a contract and Direct Debit mandate to complete and sign. Once you’ve sent those back to Booking Protect, you will receive a welcome email with login details for your Booking Protect dashboard. This is where you can keep track of any sales and/or commission. 

4. You will receive an API key and Vendor ID, which you need to paste under “Settings” in Integrations > Protection Products> Booking Protect > Settings. Simply press "Save" and the integration will be set up.

How does it look from the guest’s perspective?

Guests will be offered refund protection at the time of booking. If they take it out, they’ll pay for it at the time of booking, when they pay their deposit. This video shows you how Booking Protect appears in the booking process.

When placing an "admin booking" you simply need to tick a checkbox if your guest wants to take out refund protection. This appears just above the booking total.

Adding Booking Protect to an admin booking

Guests who don’t take out refund protection at the time of booking can change their mind up until the date the balance is due. But, you will need to add it to their booking for them. To do this follow these steps:

1.  Navigate to the booking and click Edit.

2. Tick “Add Refund Protection” and then click Save. It will be added to the booking, and the amount will be added to the balance the guest needs to pay.

How much does Booking Protect cost guests?

The cost is calculated based on the booking value and number of guests.

For example, if the booking total is £600 and there are four guests, you divide £600 by 4 to get the value band per person (£150.00).

This makes a total cost of £6.99 per person for refund protection (see table below), which is £27.96 (£6.99 x four) for the entire party.

Your questions answered
  • You receive 30% commission on each sale.
  • You can see a breakdown of bookings with Booking Protect within Integrations > Protection Products > Booking Protect > Search bookings.
  • It’s not an insurance product; it provides guests with an opportunity to purchase a guarantee that allows them to apply for a refund if they need to cancel their booking in certain unforeseen circumstances. As such, you don’t need to be an independent financial advisor or have any special qualifications (which you would need to sell insurance).
  • It’s underwritten by UK General and Lloyds of London.
  • It works for companies in any country.
  • The cost to guests depends on the booking value and the number of guests.
  • Guests can only take it out at the time of booking.
  • It covers the booking value plus any options and extras.
  • When placing an admin booking, there’s a checkbox if the guest wants to take out refund protection, which appears just above the Booking total.
  • Guests contact Booking Protect directly for a refund. You do not need to return any commission you have received for cancelled bookings.
  • You will collect payment for the refund protection at the time of booking; Booking Protect will then invoice you at the start of each month for the payment they’re due (which is the total minus your 30% commission).
  • Booking Protect will not display as an option if a booking is more than 13 months in the future.


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