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What are the benefits of Refund Protection?

Booking Protect is a refund protection specialist that supports accommodation providers of all shapes and sizes. Its product provides guests with the opportunity to add enhanced refund terms during the checkout process of booking, which enables them to request a full refund administered by Booking Protect should they, or anyone in their party, be unable to attend their stay due to unforeseen circumstances listed in the enhanced terms and conditions. While this offers your guests confidence during their buying journey, it also provides you, the accommodation provider, the opportunity to make a 30% commission each time the enhanced refund terms branded Booking Protect are purchased through your business.

Why Integrate with Booking Protect?

Booking Protect enables you to offer an extension enhancing your standard terms and conditions, meaning your customer can get a refund on their booking, should something get in their way. Not only does this leave you with happy customers, but it offers you as a self-catering provider many benefits:

  • Guests can book in confidence, knowing a refund can be requested if something goes wrong
  • Additional revenue generated through every sale (30% on each sale of the enhanced refund terms branded Booking Protect)  
  • No set up costs or hidden fees
  • Save time – refund requests are handled completely by Booking Protect
  • The full booking value is covered
  • Fast refund turn-around time as all refund requests are reviewed within 48 working hours
  • Track sales and commission in real-time through a dedicated Booking Protect dashboard

Interested, and want to know more?

Find out everything you need to know including the finer details on Booking Protect’s dedicated partner page, designed just for SuperControl customers.


How does it look from the guest’s perspective?

Guests will be presented with the option to purchase Refund Protection during the online booking process.

The Booking Protect fee is automatically calculated as a % of the booking value, as seen in the screenshot below.

Guest makes an informed decision on whether they’d like to purchase protection or not.

If Yes, the guest continues through the booking journey as normal and pays the Booking Protect fee directly to you.

The guest is then immediately protected should the worst happen and they be forced to cancel their booking.

The cost of refund protection will always present during the online booking process along with a copy of Booking Protect's Terms and Conditions, and the guest will always have to make a yes/no informed choice on whether they want to purchase refund protection before being able to complete their booking.

Adding Booking Protect to an admin booking

When placing an "admin booking" you simply need to tick a checkbox if your guest wants to take out refund protection. This appears just above the booking total.

Guests who don’t take out refund protection at the time of booking can change their mind up until the date the balance is due. But, you will need to add it to their booking for them. To do this follow these steps:

1.  Navigate to the booking and click Edit.

2. Tick “Add Refund Protection” and then click Save. It will be added to the booking, and the amount will be added to the balance the guest needs to pay.

Why can't I add Booking Protect to some bookings?

Normally when you click Edit in a booking you will see an option to manually add booking protect:

However, if you don't see this option you need to ensure your booking passes this criteria:

1. Cannot be added to bookings more than 24 months in the future

2. If number of adults is 0

3. If Total rent = £0

4. Is only available on up to £1500 per person e.g. you would not be able to add Booking Protect if you had a booking for two that exceeded £3000.

Can I add Booking Protect after the balance has been paid?

No, this option is not available. Booking Protect can only be added before the final balance has been paid on any booking.

If I move the dates of a Booking covered by Booking Protect, will the dates of cover move automatically?

No,  the cover doesn't move automatically.  You would also need to make this change in your Booking Protect account directly.

Is Booking Protect available for all SuperControl account types?

Booking Protect is available to Owner, Agency and Lite accounts. 


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