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How to Record a Payment or Refund made by Bank Transfer, Cheque or through an External Card Machine?

If you took payment for a booking via Bank transfer, Cash, Cheque or an External Card Machine, and need to record the refund of that payment,  in part or in full within the booking, please follow the steps below. 

You can also use these instructions if you need to record in a new booking a payment made on a previous booking (by BACS, Card etc.)

1. Navigate to the booking in question, and go to the 'Customer Payments' section at the bottom. Using the grey 'Custom payments' bar, fill in the type of refund you are recording to the left, the method by which the refund was issued (i.e. Bank Transfer), and then set the right hand box to 'Refund' or 'Payment' as required.

2. If a Refund, a box will appear to ask what sort of refund you are recording. Select the option that applies and then 'Proceed'.

3. Press the green 'Save' button to the right of the Customer Payments area. This will then record the refund or payment in the booking. If a refund, you would of course have to actually refund the guest their money directly within your online banking, or by sending a cheque by post.


Rose La Terriere

I cannot see how I get a report between certain dates, ie when we had to shut down because of the Covid and end of May showing the amount of money lost for these bookings. It claims above that there is a report but it doesn't show the value of bookings lost each entry nor a total of bookings lost amount. I have gone through and done the Restore... as described.

Tobias Parker

Hello, We have just added an article specifically explaining how to see the values of cancelled bookings:

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