Help CentreUsing SuperControl Configuring PropertiesEdit > Photos : How do I add/amend my property photos?

Edit > Photos : How do I add/amend my property photos?

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Photos > Go.

2. From here you can delete any current photos, change your default photo and upload new photos.

Always ensure your default photo in your main property photo. You need the most attractive photo of your property to be your default as this is the first image that displays in searches.

Photo dimensions

We recommend for large images that your pixel dimensions are set to a minimum of 3840 pixels wide.

To set your pixel dimensions go to Admin > General details to set your photo sizes.

As soon as you make this change, you will be prompted to upload your images again. This is to ensure they are they are high enough quality to be regenerated at this increased resolution.

Video below to further explain photo sizes for channels and your own website in SuperControl.


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