How do I add/edit my prices?

How do I add my pricing?

1.  Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Price planner > Go.

2. To add prices click on the date your first price band should start within the Prices row.

3. In the pop-up window, enter your last date (this should be the day before your next price band starts).

4. Enter your weekly pricing and short break pricing, then Save. 

N.B. Any stay including a Friday or a Saturday night would be classed as a 'weekend' rate, i.e. Thurs, Fri and Sat nights would be priced as '3 nights weekend'.

For instructions on how to enable when you allow your short breaks click here.

How do I edit my pricing?

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Price planner > Go.

2. Click on your blue price band within your Prices row:

3. Then you can update your weekly price and short break pricing and Save. Repeat on your other price bands if necessary.

4. To update your short break length of stay settings click the orange bar within the Short breaks row:


Eugene O'Sullivan

I have added my pricing, however in my website it is not showing 2018 pricing, what do I have to do to make 2018 visible on my website?

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Eugene,

You need to extend how long your calendars display on your website. You can edit this in Properties > Chart display. From here you can set your calendars to show as far in advance as you like. You can find more information in this article

Kind regards

Anne Hardie

if the short breks are set for say 5 days min does this mean it is applied all the dates it is set or only applied when you set apply 14 days before. if you have to apply it on a restricted time before the date you wish to get booked then it means the short breaks do not apply - it is off all other times. I probably need time to work that one out too.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Anne,

In your Price Planner if you have your minimum nights set to 5, this setting will only take effect during the periods you have your orange short break line enabled. If you have further details on your situation please contact and we can help diagnose any issues you may be having.

Kind regards

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