The Onboarding Journey

When you make the decision to start using SuperControl booking and management system, what happens next? How quickly can you expect to be up and running, and how much help will you get?

You will be allocated to either the Owner or Agency Onboarding Teams (depending on your account type), who will assist you when needed during the set-up process.  A member of the team will send you your SuperControl Welcome e-mail, which will contain your login details, training resources and a request to book an Introductory Planning Call at your earliest convenience. This means you're ready to start!

Your set-up checklist

You can get going straight away.  If you added information during a free trial, we can copy these details across to your new account for you, so you don't have to waste time doing it all again. 

Our online checklist will guide you through all the stages of setting up your account. This checklist is managed using You will receive a separate email with login details to this platform. 

We have a helpful article explaining how is used during set-up.

Set-up is done with the assistance of our library of Help Centre articles and videos. You will find links to these in your checklist, as well as at the top of the pages within your SuperControl account.

How should I communicate with the Onboarding Team?

If you have any questions or require any further assistance you can get in touch with the Onboarding Team by messaging through your board,

This allows you to ask us questions about specific areas of set-up.

If you do require specific help during your set-up, where a one-to-one call would be appropriate, this can be done remotely using screen sharing software or over the phone with a member of the team. This should also be  initiated via message.

What happens when I have finished setting-up?

Once you have completed the various sections, to the best of your ability, you can tell the Onboarding Team (using the chat box in the 'Set-up Check' section) that you are ready to arrange a final account health check. If we believe your account is ready for this we will arrange this for you.

Three weeks* ....

We give you three weeks in addition to your first years contract to complete your set up. So you can get up and running and still enjoy at least 12 full months of service.

... and you're ready to go!

* Please note: exact length of set-up, and client time required is dependent upon complexity of set-up, number of properties, third party integration options chosen and technical ability. 


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