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Amenities: Mapping amenities to a channel

In order to forward information about your amenities you need to map them to the different channels.

Please note:
Your amenities need to have been created and allocated them to the properties before mapping them to the respective channels.

1. Go to Properties >Amenities > Add / edit amenities

Scroll down past the section Filter section.

You will see the following list.

1 - List of all the created amenities.
    The number in brackets behind the amenity shows the number of properties this amenity has been
    allocated to.
2 - List of connected and default channels
     Here you will find a list of all the channels you are connected to.
     Villas direct will always show regardless, if you are connected to this channel or not.
3 - Page order
     This allows you to sort the amenities in any  order required.
4 -  Enabled for API
      These options should be set to Yes, if you are using our SuperControl API.
5 - Enabled for owners' login (agencies only)
     This allows owners to see the amenities as well.
6 - Edit / Delete
     Should you need to edit an amenity or no longer use it and seek to remove it, use these two buttons.

2. Click onto the grey name of the channel
A pop-up will come up.
In the drop down for the channel select the amenity which closest matches the one you want to map.

Please note:
That each channel is providing their own unique set of amenities.
You mind not find something that would be the equivalent of your amenity in the list.


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