Help CentreUsing SuperControl Configuring PropertiesHow can I copy property settings to all properties?

How can I copy property settings to all properties?

There are some areas of SuperControl where you can choose to copy property settings to all properties. Please note this feature is not available on every setting.

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go.

2. Scroll to the heading "Booking details". From this heading and all following headings you will see an option to "Apply to all properties":

3. For example if you want to copy your "Balance due (days)" to all or some properties then click "Apply to all properties" and select what you would like to copy:

4. Click "Apply".

How do I copy other settings to multiple properties?

1. Go to Properties > Copy > Copy to existing.

2. Select the property you wish to copy from and to. You can select multiple properties to copy to by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on each name.  If you are using a Mac, then hold down the command key.

3. Tick what you wish to copy:

4. Click Save.


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