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Overview : How do I add/edit my properties?

Here you can enter the property details, booking details, changeover days, and short breaks.

Note: If you have paid for design matching please let your account manager know when you have saved all of your properties.

To add a property, go to Properties > Add.  

Step 1: How do I list my Property details?

Property name - This will show on your website and in your login. It is the main way to reference your property. 

Your ref - This is for internal use only.  Your ref will not show to the guest. It can be used as a secondary reference for internal use. 

Capacity - The number of people your property accommodates.  Add how many adults/children/infants. The "Show on calendars" tick box should normally be ticked because it displays the property name and then in brackets the capacity on the website calendar.

Show on calendars -  Tick to show the capacity in brackets. Please note that when you are showing capacity that infants won't be included in capacity.

Default pricing capacity - if you offer per person pricing, you can choose what price to display as the default on your website.  If you set the default as a two person price, it will always display on your website, until a guest makes a change to the number of persons.  

Bedrooms/Bathrooms - you are required to input a value here for some third party integrations e.g. HomeAway.

Capacity notes - Here you can provide a breakdown of how many twin, double, or single rooms your property contains plus any extra beds that could increase the occupancy.  The information will be displayed on the customer booking form.

Definition of infants - Enter here your definition of an infant, e.g. "sleeps in a cot" or "less than four years old".  Note that infants don't count towards capacity.

Type - This corresponds with the Availability search functionality. If you are using the advanced availability search you can segment your properties into types so that the holidaymaker can choose between them, e.g. holiday cottages, apartments, lodges, villas. To set up a property type go to Properties > Property types. This is mainly used for API. 

Group - This feature is available to PLUS and AGENCY only.  It can be used for businesses that have more than one identical property (such as a holiday park or caravan site), so that you can display one availability chart for all the identical properties instead of a separate chart for each property.  Groups can also be used for unique properties whereby, for example, in a resort they might like to group all properties that have a sea view but are all different. This form of grouping is used mainly for searching purposes. Click here, to learn more about groups.

Country - Select the country in which your property is located. This may be different from the country where your business is based.

Region - This corresponds with the Availability search functionality, enabling you to segment your properties into regions. Note that regions are associated with countries so you should select the relevant country first.  Regions are only needed if your properties are located in different areas. 

Address - Your property's street address. Please use separate fields for town and postcode.

Town - This corresponds with the availability search functionality, enabling you to further segment your properties.

Postcode - including a postcode will allow you to include address details in email templates if needed.

Star rating - Enter your property's star rating if it has one. This pulls through on to the availability search.

Accrediting body - Enter the accrediting body associated with the star rating.  

Urban/rural - This information is used to compare your properties on the SuperControl global stats. 

Step 2: Properties managed by owner or agent? (For Agency users)

An owner is the person who owns the property, whereas the agent manages the property for the owner. 

Assign the relevant owner to the property that you are adding by selecting the owner's name from the drop down list.

Property managed byOwner or agent - select according to who you wish your primary contact for the property to be.

Copy owner into your WEBSITE booking confirmation: Tick if you would like the owner to be copied into online booking summaries that are triggered by customers placing an online booking.

SMS alert for owners: Tick if you would like the owner to be sent a short text message to notify about a new online booking.  You need the owner to save their SMS number in Agency > Edit owners for this to work.  SMS credits can be requested from See The setup options, in How do I complete my General Details? for SMS pricing information.  Now go to Admin > SMS settings to enable sending SMS to the client or owner of the account.

Copy owner into your WEBSITE enquiry confirmation: Tick if you would like the owner to be copied into online enquiries that are triggered by customers placing an online enquiry.

Step 3: How do I assign a housekeeper?

Assign a housekeeper to the property by selecting from the dropdown box. It's possible to have more than one housekeeper per property, see How do I add housekeepers? 

Step 4: How do I assign Booking details?

Balance due - The number of days before the arrival date that the balance is due.

Deposit type - Choose how to take the deposit. Use the selection menu to choose between percentage of total, fixed amount per week, fixed amount, or first night.  

Deposit value - Enter the fixed amount or percentage. Please include only the numbers -  do not include ?, $, ? or %, for example.

Min value - If you charge a minimum deposit enter the sum here. 

Refundable deposit - This is only relevant if you charge refundable damages or a security deposit. Refundable deposits are for taking the customer's money and returning it back to them at the end of their stay. 

Security deposit - This allows you to hold the money on the customers card but not physically take it. It saves you being charged a transaction fee. Security deposits can only be held if the customer has given permission to use their card again. It is available to Holiday Rent Payment and SagePay users. See Setting up Security deposits/Refundable deposits.

VAT rate - Add your VAT rate to this field if you are VAT registered. The function of this field is to itemise out the VAT element of your prices in the reporting and documentation on your account. Prices will be entered in your default currency. All figures added into the property price planner are inclusive of VAT.

Step 5: What are the Availability chart options?

Enable this property - Select "Yes" to show this property in the availability chart on your website. Select "No" if you are not ready for the property to be live yet. Choose "Archived" to store the property.  This will remove the Availability chart from your website. Please note you do have the option to un-archive it again at a later date if needed.

Chart style - If you want to allow online bookings, select Calendar.  The other option is Enquiry Form - if you just wish to take enquiries.

Hide booking button -  Select "No" unless you want to hide the facility for guests to book online.

Hide "7 night prices" - Select "Yes" if you want to hide the "7 night prices" column in the monthly calendar.

Hide short break column - Choose to hide short breaks on the availability calendar or to show them. Select "yes" or "no".

Show provisional bookings - If you select Show provisional these provisional bookings will be shown in blue in the availability charts. Confirmed bookings are shown in red and available days in green. If you do not wish to differentiate between provisional and confirmed bookings select "Just show as booked".

Check availability before booking - By selecting Check availability before booking you can ask customers to check availability with you before booking. Select "Default" if you want to welcome bookings without having your customers check availability. 

Step 6: Start days for full week bookings

Tick the days on which you allow full week bookings to start. You might, for example, want to have flexible start dates over the winter months and during summer limit the start day to the same start day per week. Note that this only applies to full week bookings. You can specify short break arrival dates separately. You can also customise weekly arrival dates for unusual dates like Christmas within the property price planner.

Highlight day on grid view - This enables you to "highlight" your preferred arrival day of the week on the grid view availability and booking chart within your admin area.

Step 7: How do I set-up short breaks?

1.  Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Price planner > Go.

2. If you want to add short breaks click on the date your short breaks should start within the Short breaks row.

3. Next you can choose the date range for when you would like to allow short breaks.  Once you click on your start date a pop-up window will appear allowing you to enter an end date. Your start days and length of stay will populate based on your settings within Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go.

For further details about adding a Short break, see How do I update my short break settings?

Step 8: How do I use "Show on websites"?

Did you know you can turn the property name on your enquiry into a link for potential guests? To set this up go to the bottom of the Property settings pageUnder "Show on websites", type in the property URL into the box "URL". 

If you have entered a URL on Show on websites, it is also used with the availability search so the guest can click the property name online and it will direct them to the main property page on the website.

On promotion - This only applies if you use the SuperControl API on the property pages of your website. Tick this box if you wish to show a "featured property" on your website. It also links the property name on the availability search on your website. You will need your web designer to implement this for you.


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