What is RemoteLock?

RemoteLock specialize in WIFI smart locks to promote keyless entry to properties. In current times, its most important now more than ever to reduce as much contact with people as possible. Not only does our Remote Locks Integration reduce person to person contact but it also saves you time therefore money. You can save time by not needing to visit the property to hand over keys at every arrival and departure, plus you can avoid the hassle of lost, stolen or broken keys.

RemoteLock gives you complete control of your properties with easy, scalable, and future-proof access management software. Immediately grant access to any space from anywhere, manage all locks on each of your properties from a single, easy-to-use platform, and integrate directly with SuperControl. RemoteLock's cloud-based solution simplifies management of your properties and improves the guest experience.

• Automatically send self-expiring access credentials to guests.
• No lost keys, no locked out guests, no rekeying.
•  Manage it all from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Guidance Note: Before purchasing a digital smart lock you should check that your self-catering property insurance policy covers this technology.


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