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PriceLabs : How do I disable it?

There are two options to disable PriceLabs.

In both cases you should also disable the connection in PriceLabs.

Restore prices to the state prior to using PriceLabs

Go to "Integrations > Price optimisation > Pricelabs".

On the relevant property click the "Enabled - show snapshot" button.

This will open a new page showing a snapshot of the prices taken before PriceLabs started updating.  You can restore these prices by clicking the "Disable and restore snapshot" button.

Dynamic pricing snapshot : SuperControl - Google Chrome

Note that this will not restore short break settings, just prices.  Please contact SuperControl support if you want to remove the single day short breaks that PriceLabs has created.

Retain PriceLabs prices but break the connection

If you want to retain the prices that PriceLabs have saved to your account but stop them sending any more then contact SuperControl support.  We will disable the connection for the property and unlock the prices so that you can edit them.


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