Help CentreUsing SuperControl IntegrationsHow can I import an iCal link from a different channel to update availability?

How can I import an iCal link from a different channel to update availability?

Please contact to enable this feature, if you can't see the Import tab.

1. Go to Integrations > Admin tools > iCal Feed.

2. Click “Import”

3. Enter the iCal link(s) provided or copied and click Save (bottom left of the page).
4. Manually import any bookings directly, if required.

Please note it can take 4-6 hours for the iCal feed to synchronise.
You can manually import an iCal feed at any time.

You can only import iCal from one third party per property into SuperControl. 

To import more than one link, please see the article on importing multiple iCal links-

If a booking is cancelled in SuperControl, but the dates remain blocked in the ical linked calendar from which the booking originated, the dates will simply be re-booked in SuperControl , under a new booking number, the next time the calendars sync.
The booking needs to be cancelled in its calendar of origin first, before the booking can be cancelled in SuperControl.

When a booking is cancelled in the original calendar the dates will no longer be forwarded as blocked in the iCal feed.
Any booking created in SuperControl for these dates will be cancelled when the iCal feed refreshes.

Will I be notified if a booking cant be imported through iCal due to already blocked off dates in SuperControl?

If you set the "Log conflicts" drop-down to Yes this will alert and log a conflicting iCal booking that is trying to import for dates already blocked off in SuperControl.

The alert is visible on the payments reminder page (Bookings > Payment Reminders) - usually the first page seen after logging in: 

There is a link (review bookings) which will take you to a report to review the bookings that could not be imported:

We display:

  •    The date and time we attempted to import the booking from the iCal feed    
  •    The property    
  •    The start and end date of the attempted imported booking    
  •    The summary text from the iCal feed    
  •    The source of the iCal feed    
  •    The existing bookings in SuperControl which prevented the booking from being imported    
  •    A toggle to select some/all logs
  •    Button to retry - this will take you to the iCal importer script
  •    Button to delete - this will delete a single log entry
  •    Select all button - select all logs    
  •    Button to delete selected (logs) - if a log is checked then we will remove it


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