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How do I set-up UpFront Reviews?

Please note:
Review requests will not be sent to guests for bookings received from channels, e.g. Airbnb or
Please use the review function of the channel instead. This will allow you to build-up reviews on each of the channels you use to market your properties. 

1. Login to SuperControl, and go to Integrations > UpFront Reviews > Settings.

2. Press "Set Image" to upload your business logo, or a representative image.

3. Choose "View/set description" to type a description of your business.  

4.  Select when you would like the review email to be sent to your customer. If you want it to go out on the day of your guest's departure, you would select 0 but if you would like it to go out after their departure you would select 2, for example. 

5. Next, set the property locations ("Set Locations"). 

6. Once the description and image are uploaded, you will see where you can enable your properties for review. You can enable or re-enable these properties for review at any time by ticking the "Enabled" checkbox.

7. You can add custom questions to obtain feedback from customers:

8. Enter your question into the Text field, then choose the Type of question (single choice, multiple choice, text box or text area). The "Required" tick box should be ticked if you decide the review cannot be submitted without this question being answered.  Ticking "Show on site" indicates that you want the review question and answer to appear on your website alongside the review.  

9. Click "Add Question".

10. You can preview the review by clicking on "Review request email". This will show you what gets sent to the guest.

11. To add the UpFront Review widget to your website, click "Add a widget to your website", click here to find out more about this.

Guests that book a stay at your property through SuperControl will receive an email asking them to submit a review of their stay. The email is automatically generated and you choose when it is sent. The email can be sent from 2 days before departure to 7 days after departure. 

All reviewers are required to complete the following fields:

  • rating out of 5 for: Cleanliness | Service  staff | Comfort | Condition | Location | Value
  • review title (maximum 100 characters)
  • review (minimum 150 characters)

You can also add your own questions; we recommend you keep them to a minimum to achieve the maximum response rate. You can also respond to reviews in a comments box which will display with the review. Reviews cannot be altered in any way. All reviews will count towards your property's UpFront Reviews rating. The ratings of individual properties count towards your business' overall rating, shown as a score out of 5.

For more handy tips on how to make the most of Upfront Reviews, watch our webinar.


Ed Daynes

Tell me what the setting "Default review status" does.
Tell me what "Create a poster" does.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Ed,

If you set the Default review status to "Enabled" this means that any new properties you add will automatically be enabled for UpFront Reviews. If it is set to "Disabled" then any new properties will be disabled for UpFront Reviews unless you manually enable it at a later date.

The poster features displays a PDF of a poster that you can print out and perhaps leave within your property. This is just a marketing tool so the guest is aware they can submit reviews after their stay.

Kind regards

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