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How do I display my UpFront Reviews on my website?

Reviews will appear on your website either through an API feed (if you use SuperControl API) or through a java script box. If you use the API feed, you and your web developer can choose how the reviews are displayed on your website. If you use the java script box, it will be set to show the six most recent reviews.

1. To see a preview of how the review will be displayed on your website, go to Integrations > UpFront Reviews > Widgets.

2. If you use the API feed, you can choose which of the widgets you would prefer to display on your website. Once decided, pass the code for the widget to your web developer.

3. The code for each style of widget is displayed against your properties at Integrations > UpFront Reviews > Widgets:

For more handy tips on how to make the most of Upfront Reviews, watch our webinar.


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