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YourWelcome : How do I enable it?

YourWelcome is a touchscreen tablet designed for self-catering properties and vacation rentals. It replaces the need for a paper welcome pack, providing information about your property and personalising your guests’ experience.

Simply add a welcome message, recommendations and information about the local area; video guides, written instructions and photos to explain how to use appliances in your holiday lets, and more.

Once you have integrated it with your SuperControl account your bookings, including guest details, start dates and length of stay will pull across into the tablet. So when your guests arrive and switch on the tablet they will receive a personalised greeting with no extra effort from you.

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Setting up the integration

1. Log into the YourWelcome dashboard, click on the account menu (in the top right of the dashboard) and select “Connected Accounts”:

2. Find SuperControl in the list, then click “Connect”.

3. To connect Supercontrol to YourWelcome, you will need to generate an Authentication Token key. To find this login to SuperControl and go to Integrations > Marketing tools > YourWelcome. Copy "Your key" from this page and paste it into YourWelcome.

4. Click "Sync Account".

5. Next you need to sync your properties. You have two options here; you can search and select an existing property, or you can create a new property using the address stored in the SuperControl property.

Listings are on the left, the column on the right is where you’ll see any properties that you have synced.

6. At this stage you can either search for an existing property (recommended for hosts with existing properties), or skip the search and create a new property (recommended for first-time users):

7. If you have searched for an address, the results will show in a list below. Select the correct address by clicking “Select Address”.

8. All that’s left to do is tap the “Sync {{{Address}}]” button, which will connect the bookings calendar of the SuperControl property to the bookings Calendar in YourWelcome

9. Now you can set your tablet settings, check-in information, welcome information and much more within the YourWelcome dashboard.


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