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Beyond pricing : Dynamic Pricing for Growing Businesses

Beyond Pricing uses the same technology employed by airlines and hotels to automatically set rates in SuperControl using local supply and demand data. Property managers can thereby maximise revenue for their existing property portfolio, increasing booking revenue 10-40% year-on-year with the same inventory.

Using localised market data Beyond Pricing provides detailed insights for every price recommendation. You'll know why prices are going up or down on any day of the year.

Beyond Pricing creates 365 days of pricing, and automatically pushes those rates into SuperControl every day. You always have a year of optimised rates on a rolling basis, so you don't have to manually create rates and your OTA ranking also improves. You still keep control by setting the parameters and retain the ability to override rates. As demand changes, they will apply their sophisticated revenue management and dynamic data models to your listings so you never miss a revenue opportunity.

Moreover, with Beyond Pricing, you will save yourself the time and hassle of inputting your prices every year- the tool does this for you, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

How has Beyond Pricing helped businesses like yours thrive?

Did you know that SuperControl clients have seen 16% average revenue increase since integrating with Beyond Pricing? 

In an ever-changing market, you need a tool that can keep pace with those changes, adapting quickly and using intelligent, live market data to ensure that their properties are always appropriately priced. 

Below are a few examples, from real SuperControl clients, showing how Dynamic Pricing is helping their businesses to recover, grow and thrive. Could it help you to do the same?

Interested in exploring further what Beyond Pricing could do for your business?

Click here to begin your journey with Beyond Pricing!

Robert Kennedy, founder of SuperControl, explains his own experience and insights using Beyond Pricing with Orroland Holiday Cottages, showing that dynamic Pricing can be a game-changer, regardless of how many properties you manage.


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