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How do I set up scheduled payments/expenses to owners and suppliers?

1. Go to Agency > Commission statement. Click “Statement” against any owner.

2. Click on “View and Edit Scheduled Payments »” and then click “Add scheduled payment”.

3. Select the payment type eg. Should the payment/expense be scheduled on a date each month, or on every booking? Nb If Scheduled is selected, the amount will not generate onto the statement until the date entered underneath.

4.  Select how often the payment/expense should run eg. Every week, month etc.

5. Enter the amount of the payment/expense, and select Payment to owner, Expense to the owner or Owed to owner/refund.

6. Select the owner/s it should run for (Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple owners). 

Note: If selecting an owner the property selector will become greyed out and vice versa.

7. Select if the payment/expense should be allocated to a supplier, and enter any commission you may be taking from this amount. If you select a supplier then this payment/expense will display on the supplier statement automatically.

8. Enter a Caption eg. Cleaning fee, tick “Enable this Scheduled Payment” and Save.

Please refer to the training video within the article on How to pay suppliers to see how to set-up scheduled payments. Click here.


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