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Email templates : How do I add/edit an email template?

How do I add an email template?

1. Go to Emails/Letters > Add.

2. Enter a letter name and add a category if required.

What is an email category? If you have many email tempates that you wish to set-up it can be easier to categorise them so they are easier to select when you're in a booking. For example you could have a category called "Guest emails" and list all guest emails within that category. For Agencies, you can have a second category called "Owner emails" to group all owner templates together.

3. Start typing your email template. If copying and pasting from another document, ensure you paste as plain text:

Build the content of your template using tags. Click on TAG within the toolbar and select relevant tags to populate your letter eg. Thank you for booking {property_name}. We look forward to you arriving on {property_arrival}… This means the tags pull through the correct information on each booking without you having to manually update it.

Please note: If using tags within the Booking properties section, ensure you click to "Add property section" <start> and <end> tags.  The <start> tag should be placed at the very top of the template and the <end> tag should be at the very end of the letter - see below an example. These are hidden when generated but allow the tags in between to show correctly.

4. Enter an email subject, and specify your word document options (only required if you choose to export your letter into a word document).

5. The tick box “Use for online booking summary” means you can replace our default text (shown below) with your own choice of words. You can only tick this option for one letter.

SuperControl default text for the online booking summary: Thank you for submitting your booking request. We will review your request and will contact you shortly to confirm the booking. Please print this page for your records together with your unique booking request number. Please note that all bookings are provisional until confirmed in writing.

6. Click Save.

How do I edit an email template?

1. Go to Emails/Letters > Edit.

2. Click Edit next to your chosen letter to make amendments and then click Save.



Tell me how to add a database field into the template.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Helen,

Can you provide more information - what database field would you like to add?

Kind regards

Andrew Wyborn

It would be useful to add information about how to schedule these emails to be sent automatically e.g. a deposit reminder if not received within x days - thanks

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Andrew,

You can find this information here

If you require further help with scheduling your automated email please email

Kind regards

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