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Booking summary : Can I edit the booking summary autoresponse?

The booking summary autoreponse is generated once a guest places an online booking. The guest will receive an automatic booking summary to itemise out what they have booked.

See an example below:

You cannot edit the main booking summary table that is generated. However, you can add additional text to the footer of the summary if you want to add extra information and include a copy of your logo at the top. To do this follow these steps:

1. Go to Emails/Letters > Booking summary customisation.

2. To include a copy of your logo click “Choose File” and find the logo on your computer to upload.

3. Further down this page there is a Footer section. To add additional text to your summary add it here and it will display at the bottom of the booking summary email sent to the guest.

How do I change the standard text that displays at the top of each booking summary autoresponse?

The following text is displayed by default on every booking autoresponse sent to the guest:

Thank you for submitting your booking request. We will review your request and will contact you shortly to confirm the booking. Please print this page for your records together with your unique booking request number. Please note that all bookings are provisional until confirmed in writing.

1. To change this to your own custom text go to Emails/Letters > Add.

2. Enter a letter name eg. Booking summary text

3. In the text field enter your new text:


4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick this box:

5. Click Save.

If you accept payment by Bank Transfer, it is a good idea to add this to the Footer of your Booking Summary. Since guests recieve the Summary by email after placing their booking, including BACS details will allow those who have chosen to pay by Bank Transfer to do so in a timely way. 

If you accept International Bank Transfers, it may be a a good idea to include your IBAN/SWIFT/BIC codes.

Editing the Header of the Booking Summary to add property-specific information

Go to Properties- Edit- Booking Extras.

At the bottom of the 'Booking Extras' page for each property, there is a section called 'Rental/Pricing Notes'. This can be used to add any property-specific information to the header of the Booking Summary. 

Once added, this information appears as shown:


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