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Auto emails : How can I schedule emails to be sent automatically e.g. balance reminder?

Ensure you have your letters set-up first before you schedule them. Click here to see how to add an email template.

Please note:
When auto scheduled emails are removed in SuperControl they will not automatically be removed from third party email provider accounts.
E.g. If you have scheduled emails via Outlook or Gmail as well as via SuperControl, these will not be removed.

1. Go to Emails/Letters > Automated emails/SMS.

2. Click Add new group, enter a Group name eg. “Guest emails” and select how they should automatically apply and click Add group.

All Bookings: the email will apply to all bookings.

Property Group Bookings: the email will only assign to selected property groups.

Property Bookings: the email will only apply to selected properties.

3. Select Add new letter > Go.

4. Select your letter e.g. Balance reminder then click Add letter.

5. Here you can set your criteria.

Tip: For a balance reminder example you will only want this email to schedule if the guest has not paid their balance x number of days before arrival. If your balance is due 42 days prior to arrival, then you may want your schedule settings to look like this:

This letter shows the schedule settings to send a Balance reminder if the guest has not paid their balance 42 days prior to arrival.

Please note: Emails will not be added to bookings or sent where the selected criteria has already been met.
E.g. The balance reminder email is not going to be sent when the booking has been paid in full before the balance is due.

You can email guests who have booked via Airbnb directly from within SuperControl using the Airbnb messaging system.
Please see this help centre article for more information.

6. Once your criteria is set choose any attachments to include (these will only display if they are uploaded into SuperControl. For instructions to upload attachments click here).

7. Select the recipients.

8. Click Update letter.

9. To add additional emails to the same group repeat the process above.

Tip: This is a great feature, however there are still times when a personal email is needed - e.g. to reply to  answer a list of specific questions.

We have also created handy webinars which will help you utilise auto-emails:


Gareth Tuckwell

My question was how do I set automated letter to be sent one day prior to departure but this does not answer that. I have set it at 0 days prior to departure but I fear guests will pack up and leave, re-enter the world and be too busy to reply. If you can add 'one day prior to departure' that would be perfect.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi there,

I'm afraid there is not a "prior to departure" trigger at the moment. We hope to this added within the next few months.

Kind regards

Andres Garcia

How can I send a letter to leisure/businness bookings only??

Rosie Georgeson

Hi there,

I'm afraid you can only send automated emails to bookings categorised either as web bookings, admin bookings or channel bookings. A possible workaround would be that you can add two booking sources "leisure" and "business" and then set your automated email criteria to send if either of these sources are selected in a booking.

Kind regards

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