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RemoteLock (Awaiting full roll out)

RemoteLock specialize in WIFI smart locks to promote keyless entry to properties. In current times, its most important now more than ever to reduce as much contact with people as possible. Not only does our Remote Locks Integration reduce person to person contact but it also saves you time therefore money. You can save time by not needing to visit the property to hand over keys at every arrival and departure, plus you can avoid the hassle of lost, stolen or broken keys.

RemoteLock gives you complete control of your properties with easy, scalable, and future-proof access management software. Immediately grant access to any space from anywhere, manage all locks on each of your properties from a single, easy-to-use platform, and integrate directly with SuperControl. RemoteLock's cloud-based solution simplifies management of your properties and improves the guest experience.

• Automatically send self-expiring access credentials to guests.
• No lost keys, no locked out guests, no rekeying.
•  Manage it all from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

I don't have the locks or an account yet, how do I get started?

To get started please click here to visit the RemoteLock website to request a consultation. 

Once you have an account set-up with RemoteLock and your locks have been fitted you can then onboard them to SuperControl by following the instructions below. 

How do I connect my RemoteLock account with SuperControl?

1. To connect your RemoteLock account with SuperControl go to Integrations> Admin tools> RemoteLocks, then click Authorise.

2. You will then be re-directed to the RemoteLock login portal, please log in to your account and Authorize access to SuperControl.

You will be redirected back to the RemoteLock page in SuperControl..

N.B. You are only able to connect one SuperControl account per RemoteLock account. If you have multiple SuperControl accounts and only one RemoteLock account you cannot link one to all, you will need to create seperate RemoteLock accounts.

Setting up the integration step by step

Before you map your properties it is important that you complete the following step first.

Now that you have initiated connection of accounts, a new tag has been added in your account. This is the tag that will pull through the correct codes that will be sent to the locks, you need to set this up so they are being sent to your guests in an e-mail or SMS.

1. Choose the e-mail/SMS letter that you want to add your property access codes to, to be sent to the guest. 

Within the letter click the TAG icon.

2. Under the Booking properties tab, click to add the "RemoteLock access code" and position it where appropriate in your letter.

Here is an example of an arrival information e-mail set-up in E-mails/Letters>Add:

You must make sure the RemoteLock tag is within the {--booking_properties_start--}  loop by clicking "Add property section."

Make sure to save at the bottom of the page.

 3. Now you can go back to the mapping page to map your properties in SuperControl with your locks that are set up in your RemoteLock dashboard.

4. Simply click on the drop down menu and select the corresponding lock against the correct property name. It will save automatically.

Now your properties are mapped to the locks in RemoteLock!

Next we would advise you to add access codes to your existing future bookings.

How do I add RemoteLock access codes to my future bookings?

When you connect your account to SuperControl and you have mapped your locks to your properties, for each property you map you will see an "Add to booking" button in the settings column. To add RemoteLock codes to your future existing bookings you have in the system you simply just need to click the button.

How does it work and when do the codes send?

When a booking is added, the property access code and scheduled send date is added to a que. This is sent to RemoteLock 3 days prior to arrival, or if the booking is placed within that it is sent immediately.

This is what it looks like in the RemoteLock dashboard.

The code is not activated for use on the lock itself until the arrival time of the booking. If  there is no specified arrival time on the booking then this will come from the arrival time in your property settings.

The same goes for the departure time, the access code will become inactive after the departure time on the booking. If there is no specified departure time then this will happen on the departure time in the property settings.

You will now see a new section added to all of your bookings. Click on the Edit button and then click the Remote Lock tab.

Here is a breakdown of the new access code information within each booking:

Generating access codes

When the booking is created, the RemoteLock code is automatically generated by the system. This is the data we use to generate an automatic access code:

From within the booking we use the last 6 digits of the customers telephone number.

All generated codes have a hash symbol # at the end, every guest must enter the number followed by the # on the lock to access the property.

 We add a code based on this order:

  • Telephone – if this does not exist then...

  • Mobile – if this does not exist then...

  • Alt Phone – if this does not exist then...

  • Random 6-digit access code.

If it is a multi-property booking then we pull the information from the first property in the booking. For subsequent properties in that booking we generate a random 6-digit access code.
6 digits may not be supported, and we may need to reduce this to a 4-digit access code.

N.B. Only one unique code can be added to your account at any one time so you cannot have the same code for two different bookings. This applies to multi-property bookings also.


You will see a settings column appear once your locks are mapped to your properties.

A report button will appear once the property is mapped.

If you click on Report you will be redirected to a full  report where you can view all property bookings, their codes and their send status. You can filter the report by:

  • Property

  • Booking status

  • Arrival dates / booking dates

The report allows you to view the following:

  • Bookings with an access key code

  • Key codes for those bookings

  • The date the code will be sent to the lock

  • The date the code did send

  • Any updates sent

What send statuses do we have?

  • Pending – the code is waiting to be sent

  • Past – booking is in the past so updates to the lock will not be sent anymore

  • Pending_keychange – the access code has been manually changed and we are waiting to resend the update

  • Created – the access code was sent and created in the RemoteLock dashboard

  • Updated – the access code was sent and updated in the RemoteLock dashboard

  • Deleted – the access code was deleted in the RemoteLock dashboard


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