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How do I add and pay my suppliers?

How to add and Pay suppliers video

This video below also includes how to set-up scheduled payments against a supplier. 

To add:

1. Go to Agency > Add suppliers.

2. Enter as much information as you can about your supplier and click Save. Please note you must enter a name, contact person and address before you can save a supplier.

To Pay:

1. Go to Agency > Edit suppliers / Statement.

2. Click Statement against the supplier you want to pay.

3. Enter the date range that the supplier should be paid for and tick any PDF options you require.

4. The payment amount is matched to the payments that are ticked in the statement below.

5. Enter the date to mark the payment as paid, enter a reference eg “November payment” and click Save.

6. You can export the statement to a PDF or excel file which you can print off for your supplier’s records. Alternatively, save the document to your computer and email your supplier a copy from your own email system.

What is a Vendor and do I need to add one?

You don’t necessarily need to add a vendor, however if you have a group of suppliers that are owned by the same company, you can categorize them within a vendor. The vendor would be the top organisation, and your suppliers would be the companies that operate within that top organisation. You can add these in Agency> Add Vendor.


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