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How do I mass send emails from within SuperControl?

You can send bulk emails to those who have booked through SuperControl or you can send a mass email via Mailchimp, for instructions click here.  

1. Go to Emails / Letters > Add and create the letter that you want to send.
2. Go to Emails / Letters > Automated emails / SMS > Add new group then enter a Group name e.g. “Guest emails” and select how they should automatically apply and click "Add group".
If you only want the email to send to existing bookings, do not allocate to any bookings.

3. Select Add new letter > Go.

4. Select your letter e.g. 'Covid-19 Update' then click Add letter.

5. Here you can set your criteria. Choose "Send when Criteria is Triggered" in the Schedule date box. 

If you want to ensure that it sends to every guest then use the criteria "Always Send". Otherwise, if you only want to send it to guests that have paid at least a  deposit, select "If any Payment has been made'".

6. Once your criteria is set choose any attachments to include (these will only display if they are uploaded into SuperControl. For instructions to upload attachments click here).

7. Select the recipients. This will usually just be 'Guest' for a mass email.

8. Click "Update letter".

You can now add the letter to send to existing bookings.  For instructions on how to do this click here.


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