If you are a VAT registered company you have the facility to itemise out VAT to the guest on the property rent and any optional extras you may have. 

In Supercontrol, your price planner price is inclusive of VAT by default, you simply can just itemise the amount allocated to VAT. 

If you are managing properties on behalf of owners using the AGENCY account, you can also add VAT on-top of your commission. For your owners who are VAT registered, you can also itemise out VAT in their statements. 

How to stop VAT being itemised in the booking summary

You can stop VAT being itemised on your booking Summary Invoice by going to:

Emails/Letters- Booking Summary Customisation

Just un-tick the box shown highlighted below and Save.

This will prevent VAT being itemised in the Booking Summary for future bookings.

VAT Update Tool

You can amend or update VAT globally in your account at any time by going to Admin> Maintenance> VAT update.

Split VAT in bookings

With the 2020 six month change in VAT to 5% you may need to cope with different VAT rates within one booking.  This video explains how this can be done.

General VAT guide


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