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Airbnb New Listing Promo

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Airbnb’s new listing promotion allows you to easily apply a 20% discount to any eligible listings for its first 3 bookings. Here’s how you can benefit from this promotion directly through SuperControl:

  • Increased Visibility: Your discount will be highlighted in various ways, including a new line item on your price breakdown, a spot in the emails sent to guests, a message on your listing page, and a strikethrough price in search results and on the listing page.
  • Attract More Guests: This special offer can attract new guests and help you get the three reviews you need for a star rating.
  • Flexibility: There is no commitment, so you can opt out at any time if you feel the promotion isn’t working for you.

This will be your chance to also boost any non-performing existing listings as this wont only be available for newly created listings but also any existing listing with less than 3 bookings.

Properties already connected to Airbnb
The Airbnb Promo is also available for any existing properties connected to Airbnb via SuperControl; Existing listings are eligible to apply the discount if they have less than 3 Airbnb bookings.

New properties
For any new property you wish to onboard to Airbnb via SuperControl, you can apply the discount by default for all new properties onboarded in the future. Alternatively, you can enable this on an individual property basis. 

See this help centre guide for details, how to set this up for already connected properties and properties to be connected in the future.

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