Help CentreChannel manager Sawday'sHow do I set up the Sawday's integration with SuperControl?

How do I set up the Sawday's integration with SuperControl?

1. Go to Integrations > Channel Manager > UK Wide > Prop Sync

2. For each property ensure you have 'Enabled for API' ticked before you log in to the Sawday's Member area.

Copy the Property ID of the first property into your clipboard

3. Log in to your Sawday's Member Area

4. Make sure you have added your Booking Rules first under 'Manage Rules'.  

5. Once complete go to 'Manage Availability' - each of your rooms/places will be show here

6. Rename each room/place to something more memorable

7. Click 'Manage'

8. In the 'You are managing [name of room/place]' window, check the list of channels they support.

If your channel is listed, click 'Continue to Sync'

If your channel is not listed, go to the tab entitled 'Manage Calendar Manually'

9. Confirm you're ready to start synchronisation by clicking 'Confirm'.

10. In the channel list entitled 'Available Calendar Syncs', click 'Add' next to SuperControl.

11. In the 'Sync this room/place with SuperControl' window paste the Property ID that you copied from SuperControl into the Reference box e.g. 9345-93FAA37145678BE4A12FE23BDEF96C9D-382789

12. Once the reference has been added successfully, your synchronisation with SuperControl is ready.  SuperControl will now show in the list entitled 'My Calendar Syncs'.

14. Repeat steps 1-11 for the remaining properties

You will be able to see any unavailable dates from SuperControl in the tab entitled 'Manage Calendar Manually', under 'Blocked dates from other channels'.

Now that the synchronisation is set up, any dates blocked on either SuperControl or Sawday's will be reflected on all calendars.

If you use SuperControl as your master system to manage availability and bookings, don't forget to select this as the 'Primary', in case of any synchronisation issues.


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