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Not in the Guidebooks: Introduction & FAQ's

Not in the Guidebooks provides quality accommodation and immersive, authentic experiences for travellers across the world.

Committed to supporting local communities and providing guests with an authentic depiction of the locality they venture to, Not in the Guidebooks is dedicated to offering an interesting, responsible and sustainable travel experience.

Not in the Guidebooks typical guests are affluent, usually middle aged couples who tend to book outside of peak season and seek unique and quirky accommodation from converted farming buildings, castles, tree-houses, windmills and everything in between.

Driven by responsible and sustainable travel, Not in the Guidebooks features hosts who share their passion for promoting local businesses and communities.

"We are the leading agent for quality, responsible accommodation and immersive, authentic experiences. We will help to grow your business by connecting you with experiential affluent travellers, primarily aged 40 - 65 who don’t book with mainstream OTA’s. They tend to avoid the crowds, and are more inclined to book outside your peak periods. They may travel with older children, as a couple or with friends. We sell direct to the customer and also through all the UK’s major travel agencies, giving you a unique channel to market."

Why list your properties with Not in the Guidebooks?

  • Not in the Guidebooks promotes accommodation along side local authentic experiences that help to immerse your guests in the local area, providing them with information about fascinating experiences on the doorstep of your property.  Not in the Guidebooks also partners with travel agents who will introduce your properties to guests who don’t usually book with OTAs.                                                                                             
  • Benefit from direct contact with the Not in the Guidebooks team, who will support you from initial enquiry right through to creating a dedicated web page to showcase your properties.                                                       
  • Promote your properties environmental and sustainable initiatives by partnering with a channel that handpicks its experiences based on its hosts commitment to building and better and brighter future for the travel industry.                                                                                                                                                                                 
What commission do they charge?

Not in the Guidebooks have provided a commission range between 17-20%.

Once you have confirmed your interest by signing up, they will contact you to discuss the opportunity and how you can work together. They believe it’s important that your properties are a good fit for their customers, and are sustainable, responsible and experiential.

They will agree on the commission level with you before they on-board your properties.

How do the payments work?

Not in the Guidebooks take payment from the guest, and this is usually paid to the owner in full before the guest arrives, less commission. They work with partners in varying ways from Invoicing once monthly to payment on day of arrival, this can be discussed on a case by case basis.


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