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How do I set up the integration with SuperControl?

General Information

This integration is a two way API connection.
Meaning from SuperControl we send:

  • Rates > Including discounts & special offers and price uplifts specifically for 
  • Availability > Weekly and short breaks.

Requirements for the connection to be set up:
The property must have been accepted by beforehand.

When a guest is looking up dates the up-to-date prices and availability will be pulled from your SuperControl account.

Getting connected
  1. Contact directly
    Please contact on 0345 268 8717 or send them an e-mail.
    Your property/properties need to be approved by first. It can take them 4-6 weeks to do the work required for this as they need time to come out and visit your property/properties.
  2. Once you have the approval from you need to log into your SuperControl account and go to
    Integrations > Channel manager > International >
    Tick the box to enable the property for the connection.

A pop-up will appear asking, if you want to proceed. Click OK will then enter the Service Code and Unit Code via a special tool we have provided.
They can't access any other data or part of your account

The integration will be effective immediately and remain active as long as the property / properties are live on both sides.


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