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How do I list my properties on Holidu

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This integration is a two way API connection.

From SuperControl we send:

  • Rates; Including default extras, discounts & price uplifts specifically for Holidu. 
  • Availability
  • All static content; Properties, capacity, Room/Bed configurations, Photos, Amenities & all web descriptions.

1. To initiate a connection with Holidu first of all you need to send them an onboarding request.

To do this go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Holidu or click here if your logged into your account:

2. On the page you will see a link to Sign up to Holidu. This link will lead you to create a login to Holidu's partner portal. Once you have signed up, this will trigger a request to the team at Holidu, your personal account manager from Holidu will get in touch to discuss your partner agreement contract.

3.  Whilst you wait to hear back, to speed up the onboarding process, you should enter your Holidu Identifier ID into SuperControl. You will see this as soon as you create your login to the Partner Portal.

Enter this into SuperControl and Save.

4. If you have entered the correct Identifier ID then you will now see your list of properties appear. To onboard your properties click "Onboard" and wait for the listing to build.. This may take a few minutes.

At this stage you can add any uplifts and Holidu also require the property type. If you already have these set-up in your property settings it will auto-populate, if not then the default is set to "Cottage". You can change any of these settings at any time and save to push it to Holidu. 

You can easily apply a value to all properties by using this icon:

Holidu have minimum property requirements in order for a listing to be built on their side.

These are as follows:

  • Location details (Address) inc. Latitude/Longitude
  • Main property description
  • 5+ Amenities
  • Check in/out times
  • 5+ Photos

If the criteria for these haven't been met in the set-up of your property in SuperControl we will show you what is missing, as shown below. You need to go click on the links to fix and fill in the missing requirements then when you come back to the integration page the listing will re-start building. 

For example if you need to add more amenities for Holidu. Click "Fix".

This will take you to your amenity mapping page in SuperControl where you need to map Holidu amenities. 

Simply choose the Holidu equivalent and click Save.

HOLIDU RECOMMENDATION- Wifi & Pets allowed are the two most searched amenities by guests when looking to book on Holidu, so if you have these then you should definitely make sure you map these to Holidu. Having as many amenities as possible will improve your properties visibility on the platform as you will have wider opportunity to be included in more searches.

If you have multiple properties you can onboard more than one property at a time but for speed purposes you shouldn't do more than 10 at a time! We recommend doing it in batches, page by page.

5. Once the listing has been built on our side you will see a Holidu Reference number appear and a new "Enabled" tick box (This will be unticked by default so you can choose when to set the listings live so you can review them after they have been built by Holidu.)

You should then also receive an e-mail from Holidu letting you know that now the listing is being built on their side. This can take from 24-48 hours. When the listing is ready on their side you can view the listing directly from the integration page by clicking the icon:

6. You can review your listing and if happy tick the "Enabled" tick box and Save.


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