Plum Guide: Introduction

PlumGuide Overview

Plum Guide is a curated booking channel that showcases the world’s best homes  they’re like the Michelin Star Guide, but for self-catering properties. In any given location, they find the top 3% of homes and invite them to join their platform and your invitation awaits! Building a global Trustmark for quality, Plum Guide helps you grow your business by connecting you with the mature affluent urbanite. Its guests don’t typically book on mainstream booking channels, attracting high-value customers who tend to book outside of high season with twice the length of stay. Plum Guide takes a systematic approach to individually vet every property and select the very best to feature in its collection, the plum seal of approval if you will, ensuring consistency of experience for its bookers.


Why partner with PlumGuide

Plum Guide helps you to attract higher-value customers that spend 5x more compared to mainstream channels. There’s plenty of perks to partnering with Plum Guide, here’s the low down:

  • Plum MatchMakers: Acting as an extension of your sales team, Plum MatchMakers work on your behalf to build relationships with guests and guide them towards your home. Doing the heavy lifting on your behalf, they’re on hand to support the promotion of your business so you get more bookings, with the right guests.
  • Editorial listings: Plum Guide goes above and beyond to visually depict your property, with all of the bells and whistles! Its unique editorial listings provide a tailored description written as a hybrid of a restaurant review and architectural magazine. Take a look for yourself.
  • Marketed towards the mature affluent urbanite: Specialising in guests who don’t use mainstream channels to book homestays, Plum Guide’s guests earn more, spend more and travel more than your usual guest.
  • 5x higher booking value: Attract higher-value customers that tend to spend 5x more compared to mainstream channels.
  • 2x longer length of stay: Benefit from different buying behaviours resulting in more shoulder season bookings that are twice as long.
  • 50% of bookings outside of high season: That’s right! If you’re looking to fill your calendar outside of peak season, Plum Guide could be the channel for you with 50% of its bookings occurring out with traditional peak times.
  • Fewer cancellations: Plum Guide has an impressive cancellation rate of <0.5%.
The Nuts and Bolts: Listing with Plum Guide

1. To initiate a connection with Plum Guide first you need to send them a nomination request. To do this go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Plum Guide. On the page you will see a short nomination request form. Details are pulled in by default from Admin>General details. However, you can edit the fields if necessary.

2. Once you are happy with the information click Send your nomination to Plum Guide. To speed up the onboarding process, you should also tick to enable which properties you want to be listed with Plum Guide and click Save. This will release your property data in the API feed so when Plum Guide pick up your request, they can also view your property information and gather what they need to accept your listing on their website.

3. If your properties have been accepted, the team at Plum Guide will be in touch to let you know. They will agree to your commission rates and then build your listings for you on their website. It is at this stage that you should decide on the uplift you wish to add on top of your prices from SuperControl to Plum Guide. You can simply add these on the Plum Guide page and save.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go live on Plum Guide?
Activate Plum Guide channel in your SuperControl dashboard and the Plum Guide team will screen your properties and contact you with the results. If your homes passed the screening process, you will be guided through their onboarding process which typically takes 7  10 days.

What data can I sync with Plum Guide from SuperControl?
Our integration with Plum Guide is a two-way connection which includes your rates, availability, and all static listing content.

Do they accept Instant Book and Request to Book?
Yes, Plum Guide offers both booking types to their guests.

I enabled my properties, but they are not appearing on Plum Guide?
Please ensure you have enabled your properties and clicked ‘Save’ on the SuperControl dashboard. Plum Guide can confirm if the properties are populating thereafter.

Interested and want to know more?

Interested and want to know more?

Please visit the Plum Guide website to learn more about hosting on the platform.


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