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How do I list my properties on Away with the Kids?

The Away with the Kids integration will pull your property's image, summary description, availability and pricing, including the deposit.  Bookings are sent directly to SuperControl and you manage guest payments and correspondence.

Please follow the full step-by-step instructions to connect your AwtK and SuperControl accounts.

1. In your SuperControl account go to Integrations > Channel Manager > International > Away with the Kids click the green button to enable the integration.

2. Login to your Owner’s Account from the Away with the Kids homepage or go directly to

3. Enter your login details and press ‘Sign In’. If you’ve forgotten your details, you can use the reminder prompt to reset them.

4. From the Owners Account homepage, select the Properties page.

5. Next, select the Unit Details tab within the Properties page.

6. At the top of the Unit Details tab is the Connect Your PMS section. Select SuperControl from the dropdown list of partnered PMS.

7. Enter your SupreControl account ID and press sync.  You can find your SuperControl account ID in the top right hand corner of your SuperControl account.

8. Confirm the sync when the pop-up box requests that you. Once confirmed, your units, pricing and availability will be downloaded automatically.

9. After the initial sync, all your linked units will be displayed in the Your Units table below.

10. You can now manually delete any units that you do not want to advertise through Away with the Kids by clicking on the delete button in the Action column. A pop-up box will request you confirm this action.

11. You can check the downloaded details of each of your units by clicking on the unit name. The table will expand and the selected unit details will be displayed.


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