Help CentreUsing SuperControl Channel ManagerHow do I set up the integration with SuperControl?

How do I set up the integration with SuperControl?

General Information

This integration is a two way API connection.
Meaning from SuperControl we send:

  • Rates > Including discounts & special offers and price uplifts specifically for 
  • Availability > Weekly and short breaks.

Requirements for the connection to be set up:
The property must have been accepted by beforehand.

When a guest looks up dates, the up-to-date prices and availability will be pulled from your SuperControl account.

Forwarding prices, discounts & uplift

Prices are always forwarded from SuperControl to It is not possible to set-up an 'Availability only' link. You must always send both prices and availability from SuperControl to and/or Hoseasons.

You can choose however whether or not you wish to forward any discounts you have set up within SuperControl.
In order to do this you need to go Integrations > Channel manager > International >

1) set to Yes >your discounts, as set up in SuperControl, will be forwarded
2) set to Yes > the default bookings extras will be forwarded
3) select the required percentage > the price will be increased by the selected percentage before being forwarded
4) set the commission you are charged by to have it itemised in the bookings

Note that the integration only synchronises prices for 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11 & 14 nights.  These durations were calculated based on the most common requests and currently handle the significant majority of requested bookings.

Getting connected
  1. Contact directly
    Please contact on 0345 268 8717 or send them an e-mail.
    Your property/properties need to be approved by first. 
  2. Once you have the approval from you need to log into your SuperControl account and go to
    Integrations > Channel manager > International >
    Tick the box to enable the property for the connection.

A pop-up will appear asking, if you want to proceed. Click OK will then enter the Service Code and Unit Code via a special tool we have provided.
They can't access any other data or part of your account

The integration will be effective immediately and remain active as long as the property / properties are live on both sides.

Itemising commission on bookings

Within the Integration page you can enter a commission percentage value in the Commission column . This may be the same for all properties/owner or each property may have a unique value. Your commission amount will be something you discuss and agree with This function will allow the total rate of your booking to be reflective of what is actually paid/profit after the commission is taken off.

Once you add the commission value in the field and save, this will create an automatic Agent in Admin> Agents the next time you receive a booking from So when the booking comes in, the commission deduction will be itemized.  

If you are an agency using owners, by default the commission will be deducted before the owner commission is calculated. 


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