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Airbnb: Understanding Accessibility Amenities

Airbnb has recognised it wasn't effectively designed for people with disabilities. In humbling conversations with travellers with disabilities and advocacy groups, they listened to stories, gained perspective, and learned how to do better.  Airbnb quickly learned that their previous solution — a single “wheelchair accessible” option to filter for accessible homes — failed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Guests weren’t getting the information they needed to find the right homes, nor the confidence that the home they selected would actually be accessible for them.

To help address this problem, Airbnb has been working on a new “accessibility needs” feature. In collaboration with their community, they've identified a set of features that can make a home a better fit for people with disabilities. These features include step-free entry to rooms, entryways that are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and more.


We now have these listed in SuperControl allowing you to enable the accessibility amenities that apply to your properties:

1. Add the amenities that apply to your properties by going to Properties > Amenities > Add/edit amenities.

2. Once added go back to Properties > Amenities > Add/edit amenities. Click "Map Airbnb" next to each amenity and map accordingly:

3. Click Save.

4. Now go to Properties > Edit > select property > Amenities > Go.

5. Tick the variables that are relevant for your chosen property and click Save.


Homelands Trust Fife

As a specialist accessibility accommodation provider we are delighted you are taking accessibility seriously, however the instructions on this page bear no resemblance to what I see on my screen. When trying to add the variables to my Air BnB account I do not see a button marked Map Airbnb next to each variable?

Rosie Georgeson

Hi there,

I have looked at your search variable page in SuperControl and it looks like you already have these variables mapped. If you're still experiencing issues please email

Kind regards

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