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Types of Channel Integrations

You may hear us talking about 'full', one/two-way and iCal integrations. These are all ways of sharing your availability, pricing and sometimes listing details with third parties. 

Please see this article for list of the main channels we integrate with, and the integration type.

'One way' and 'two way' integrations

Most channels will not only pull availability and data from SuperControl, but will also send back availability and bookings. These are called 'two-way' integrations. Others however may draw data one way, but not send back booking data in return. These are called 'one-way' integrations. A 'one way' integration can be made two-way using an iCal link, by following the instructions in the links below. 

'Availability Only' and iCal Integrations

This is where SuperControl sends over availability and pricing, but the channel doesn't send any information back. Typically, these integrations are with niche or specialist channels. To make double bookings a lot less likely you can create an iCal link from the calendar of a one-way integration back into SuperControl.

iCal links are calendar integrations which sync dates only. iCals are a great back-up to one-way integrations where it will block out the dates in your calendar, meaning no one can book these dates via another channel. They can also be used by some owners to connect with certain channels where a full integration requires a larger number of properties (ie. Expedia or HomeAway).

*To set-up an iCal link TO another channel, FROM SuperControl please follow the steps in this article.

*To set-up an iCal link FROM another channel TO SuperControl, please follow the steps in this article.

*This article will explain how to import multiple iCAL links into SuperControl.

'Rates & Availability' integrations

Rates & Availability integrations are those where SuperControl sends over availability and pricing and the channel may or may not send back bookings. Some channels accept more information, for instance discounts. Some channels only support a Rates & availability feed from SuperControl. For many of the larger channels, a Rates & Availability only connection is used to link existing channel listings to SuperControl. 

'Full' integrations

All of the most popular channels (e.g., AirBnb etc) however, also have the option to use 'Full'  integrations. These are where listing content, such as photos, amenities and descriptions can be pulled directly from SuperControl. This streamlines the process of setting-up channel listings for newly added properties, since the information needs only to be added once, in SuperControl, then can be pushed to each channel.


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