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If you already have listings on they will not show on this page since they will be displayed in the Legacy integration page. 

The Content API integration will be for NEW listings only.

NB. New listing - a property that has never been listed on previously.

1. Go to Integrations > Channel Manager > International > 

You will be prompted to contact so we can map your Legal Entity ID from

If your Legal Entity ID is not on the list provided to us by our client care team will inform you as you will need to contact to obtain the LEID. 

Please use this link for the application of a Legal Entity ID

It might look as if you are applying to join again, but this is the correct form to apply for the Legal Entity ID

Once you have received your LEID, please forward it to us.
We will add it to the system and once you had confirmation from our Client Care team that this has been done, you can continue to step number 2. 

2. Next to the property you want to list on, click "Property settings" and enter in as much information as you can for each heading:

3. Return back to your integration page and click "Onboard". A progress tracker will appear underneath.

If you have any other property information missing to send to you will have an alert display like this. Work through each page to enter in the information provided (click the necessary links to direct you to the required pages).

4. Once all information is validated your progress tracker will run checks through and then the final stage "Ready to open" means your listing is populated on

5. To publish the listing live and bookable on click "Activate".

Please note it can take 48 hours to build your listing.


It won't give me access to add my uplift, how do I do this?

Once you click "Onboard" and the building of your listing has completed, the Room/Hotel ID fields will become populated. Once these are added you will have access to enter your uplift.



How long should it take for my listing to be built on

It can take up to 24 hours for to complete your listing.



If I want to change any of my content do I do this in SuperControl or

Your content should be updated in SuperControl. Once changes are made it will trigger an update to and the change should appear within 24 hours. Rate Plans

When you initially connect to you have the option to create a "Standard" rate plan and a "Non-refundable" rate plan.

However, within your login you also have the opportunity to create your own unique rate plans if you desire (Located within the Rates and Availability page) See area highlighted in green as an example of new rate plan created:

Does creating additional rate plans cause issue with my integration?

Unfortunately yes as there is no option for us to map your SuperControl pricing to additional rate plans apart from your "Standard" and "Non-refundable rate". This means that when you receive a booking, your pricing may not be as you expected due to the additional rate plans created.

What should I do if I don't want a Non-refundable rate?

Within your extranet you are able to remove rate plans that you don't want. However, you must inform us at so we can un-map the connection to that rate plan from our side. This ensures your pricing will synchronise correctly.


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